Joe Antonelli ‘Walk By Faith’ Review – by Tim Ewing

Joe Antonelli ‘Walk By Faith’ Review – by Tim Ewing

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What do you get when you combine country, blues, gospel, and a little bit of swing, and mix it with good ole fashioned rock and roll? You get the heart and soul of Joe Antonelli. Music has always been a big part of Joe’s life. From age seven, Joe began exploring the world of music and from there made it the passion of his life. However, though Joe had a lot of success as a secular musician, he found that there was always something missing. That’s when he turned to God for a new direction and start. And though, God closed many of the doors he once entered through, God was opening up new doors. Soon, Joe found his inspiration and birthed his first full length Christian album titled Walk By Faith.

With the common theme of God’s grace and salvation, we quickly learn that Joe is overwhelmed with gratefulness for what God has done in his life and how his life is different now that he’s following God’s plan instead of his own. For me a few highlights from the album include “Taste and See”, a very catchy country song about God’s goodness, “Never Let Go” an old fashioned rock song sharing Joe’s heart for wanting to be obedient to God’s will in his life, and “When Jesus Came to Town” a very fun bluesy swing track about the life of Jesus while He was on the earth and how he shook things up for the Pharisees and religions leaders of that time.

My only real concern for this CD is that it feels a bit dated, having a strong ’70s feel. I am worried he might lose the younger crowd due to the style and nature of the music. Even so, it’s definitely worth the listen. I truly believe that the more you listen to it, the more you will grow to like it. It is a nice debut for Joe.


Tim Ewing is the founder of Kindred Concert Ministries.