A message from Joe's Family

Joe passed away peacefully in November 2020 with family and friends by his side after a long, hard-fought battle with stage-four pancreatic cancer. His strong faith combined with his will to live kept him alive for 15 months – longer than most with his diagnosis. 

Joe was a gifted singer/songwriter/musician, co-producing two albums with 2x Grammy Award-winning engineer-producer Glenn Barratt of Morningstar Studios. Joe’s music is an eclectic blend of country, blues, and good-old-fashioned rock and roll. He had a passion for electric sounds and, as a deep man of faith, his lyrics have a message of hope, grace and redemption and wove in his heart of gratitude for the Lord. During the last five years he focused on playing his original music for folks in Christian coffee houses, churches, shelters, and recovery and inner-city ministries. 

Joe will be remembered for his unbridled passion for the Lord, generosity, easy-going nature, and his dry sense of humor.